The Rape Poems

by Frances Driscoll



Frances Driscoll grew up in New England in a family of four girls. She is the author of two collections of poems—TALK TO ME (Gillian Conoley's Black River Press) and—THE RAPE POEMS (Jack Estes' Pleasure Boat Studio) and has published widely in literary journals including 13TH MOON, SOJOURNER, PLOUGHSHARES, INTERNATIONAL QUARTERLY, MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW, HOLLINS CRITIC, and VOLT.

THE RAPE POEMS explores the experience of rape and of its aftermath.

“Island Of The Raped Women,” the final poem in the print edition, is a Pushcart Prize winner and eight other poems are Pushcart nominees.

The book is taught at a number of schools in a variety of disciplines. The Rape Poems is the subject Justine Gieni's University of Regina English master's thesis, “Hysterical (r)evolution: The Creation of Embodied Language” and Amy Griffiths' University of Minnesota English Ph.D. dissertation, "In a Shattered Language: a feminist poetics of trauma."

THE RAPE POEMS is used by trauma therapists and social workers, in police officer training and by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. National Guard for sexual assault awareness training.

The poems have also inspired works by artists working in other forms: dance, painting, and musical compositions. Several stage adaptations have been created and performed in San Francisco, Santa Clara
University, Philadelphia, New York, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The poems "Common Expression," Incomplete Examination," "Difficult Word," "Some Lucky Girls," "Vocabulary Words," and "Island of the Raped Women" first appeared in MUDLARK #2:

The poems on this album are from the collection, THE RAPE POEMS by Frances Driscoll (Pleasure Boat Studios). The printed book with the entire collection can be purchased at the usual outlets or directly from the publisher:

Pleasure Boat Studios: A Literary Press
209 W. 89th Street
New York, NY 10024

Artists Driscoll believes closest to her own sensibility in The Rape Poems include Robert Rauschenberg, Lee Smith and Beth Henley, Maureen Dowd and Nora Ephron, Frank O'Hara and Muriel Rukeyser, June Jordan, Jorge Semprun, Migael Scherer, and Helen Frement.

The poems "Common Expression," Incomplete Examination," "Difficult Word," "Some Lucky Girls," "Vocabulary Words," and "Island of the Raped Women" first appeared in MUDLARK #2

This album is the first in the EAT POEMS series. Each album will be dedicated to a single poet whose work we find to be extraordinary.


released May 10, 2012

Poems written and read by Frances Driscoll

Cover painting: detail from "Les Désolées," watercolor and crayon, by Mark Ari

Produced and Edited by Mark Ari. This is the 1st album in the EAT POEMS series. More info:



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