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This is Yours - Twelve Lullabies

by Various Artists

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Written by Ulrich Krieger


Milk from Sleepy Cows, Bruce Dethlefsen
Winter Night, Anne Harding Woodworth
Lullaby in Blue, H.K. Hummel
Under the Table, Tim Fodness
Brethren, Claudia F. Savage
Parson’s Lullaby, Ulrich Krieger
Canción de Guayana, Rebeca Parrot
My Girl, My Girl, Steve Sherrill
Annette’s Lullaby, Karl Williams
Lullay, Uche Ogbuji
When You’re Dreamin’, Ed Romanoff
Scatter Us All Far Away, Dunmada
Lullaby, Margo Taft Stever

Milk from Sleepy Cows
Bruce Dethlefsen

Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2011-2012), has three full-length books of poetry published, Breather (Fireweed Press, 2009), Unexpected Shiny Things (Cowfeather Press, 2011), and Small Talk (Little Eagle Press, 2014). He volunteers in Wisconsin prisons doing poetry workshops. A member of the Prairie Sands Band, Bruce lives in Westfield, Wisconsin. brucedethlefsen.com

Winter Night
Anne Harding Woodworth

The a cappella music for “Winter Night” was written by Anne Harding Woodworth’s sister, Bundy H. Boit, a composer in Penobscot, ME. Harding Woodworth’s autobiographical poem is the song of a mother protecting her infant from harsh external sounds like snowplows, sirens, brakes, and even fighter jets. The poet’s sixth book of poetry is The Eyes Have It (Turning Point, 2018). Her poetry is published widely at home and abroad, in print and digitally. Singing the lullaby besides Harding Woodworth are Rachel Binger, Marianne Epstein, Shereth Gilson, Meaghan Heselden, and Susan Schumacher, all residents of the greater Washington, D.C., area.

Lullaby in Blue
H.K. Hummel

H.K. Hummel is the co-author of Short-form Creative Writing: A Writer’s Guide and Anthology (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018) and two poetry chapbooks, Boytreebird (Finishing Line Press, 2013) and Handmade Boats (Whale Sound, 2010). She teaches creative writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Under the Table
Tim Fodness

Tim Fodness is a writer, sound artist, and sound designer who tells stories using immersive sound. He has composed work for stereo playback and multi-channel installation. Over the past decade, he has collaborated with visual, media, and performing artists. He was a Harvestworks resident in 2014, a feature on the Australian radio program Soundproof, and a participant in Creative Tech Week 2016.

Claudia F. Savage

Claudia F. Savage is an Arab-American poet/teacher. Part of the performance duo Thick in the Throat, Honey, she authored Bruising Continents (Spuyten Duyvil) and has published, most recently, in Water-Stone Review, Denver Quarterly, BOMB, and Columbia Journal. Reductions, about motherhood and ephemerality, with artist Jacklyn Brickman, will be shown in galleries in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest in 2020. The work, “Brethren” was written in a cabin where it rained for three weeks. Moths visited Claudia’s studio at night and were a source of hope that light would return. Later, the poem’s rhymes were a huge hit with her toddler.

Parsons’ Lullaby
Propulsion Esoterics

Ulrich Krieger — contrabass-clarinet
Wyatt Keusch & Dave Paha — guitars
recording: December 10, 2013
editing, mixing: June 2017

The sleep of reason births monsters (Goia). But when does reason sleep and which and who’s monsters are created? Is (hard) science (rocket science, in this case) so far away from esoteric knowledge (here: Aleister Crowley)? Are they maybe twins or different sides of the same coin as alchemists used to believe? And what and who is sleeping and who is watching as today the Gelidi Mostri (Luigi Nono), the cold monsters, invade governments, politics, and our daily lives?

Canción de Guayana
Rebeca Parrott
Rebeca Parrott is from Richmond, Virginia, but her roots extend further south, from the red clay of Georgia to the rivers of Venezuela and the sierras of Argentina. Her work often focuses on pastoral themes. This work was inspired by the grave situation occurring in Venezuela where once common foods are now scarce.

My Girl, My Girl
Steve Sherrill

I am a writer, a visual artist, and (more and more) a musician. In my real life, my day-to-day, I tend to be ridiculously optimistic. I seek balance, and make decisions accordingly. Above all things (except my family), I protect and nurture my creative energy. The work itself leans toward the dark, the hard, the mean and unsettled. People misbehaving. While I am my best as a writer, I think the aesthetic voice is the same in all the work. My words look like my paintings that sound like my music. My Girl is a twist on a very old song with many twists. Leadbelly, Nirvana, Tiny Tim, and more. This version comes from me and my eight-year-old daughter having fun in my studio. More music (and free) can be found via the bandcamp link below. Paintings and other nonsense through my (outdated) website.

stevensherrill.com | stevensherrill.bandcamp.com

Annette’s Lullaby
Karl Williams

Karl Williams’ songs have aired on NBC, Fox, cable, public television, and German TV, as well as on SIRIUS and earth-bound radio stations around the world. Williams has published two books with leaders in the self-advocacy movement (the civil rights work of people with intellectual disabilities); his play, based on one of these, Lost In A Desert World: The Autobiography Of Roland Johnson, premiered in San Diego. Williams’ third book, done with a graphic artist who has autism, will be published by KiCam Projects in 2019.
karlwilliams.com. Songs from Karl’s six CDs are available at store.cdbaby.com/cd/karlwilliams2.

Uche Ogbuji

Uche Ogbuji, more properly Úchèńnà Ogbújí, was born in Calabar, Nigeria. He lived in Egypt, England and elsewhere before settling near Boulder, Colorado. A computer engineer and entrepreneur by trade, his poetry chapbook, Ndewo, Colorado (Aldrich Press) is a Colorado Book Award Winner. His poems fuse Igbo culture, European classicism, American Mountain West setting, and Hip-Hop. He co-hosts the Poetry Voice podcast and is featured in the Best New African Poets anthology. Find him on Twitter as @uogbuji. Uche wrote “Lullay” as a lullaby for his four children whom he puts to bed with poems and songs until they reach teenage.

When You’re Dreamin
Ed Romanoff

When You’re Dreamin’ is a song to that special person in your life, who’s either far away geographically, or from years ago. What I like about that kind of timeless love is that it doesn’t need to be requited. It just continues on its own. I wrote this song with my roommate at the time, the amazing Josh Ritter.

Ed Romanoff is a chronicler of American experience whose voice recalls the gritty baritone of Leonard Cohen and the wit of Guy Clark, the New York singer-songwriter pens wise, big-hearted, occasionally whimsical, usually melancholic tunes about lonely souls and romantic dreamers.

Scatter Us All Far Away

This song is a call to our tribe, of the universe. A ‘scatter’ allows the return of something forgotten. I’ve been seeking and collecting various sounds and songs, compiling what’s known as a Waking Map, a guide to the times, places and practices I have experienced so far, alongside my own experiments.

Listen and you may hear: The elemental choir, the grind of the moon-root, the industrial cinema, ambient folktales, the quantum orchestra. I believe music is something other, more than what we are commonly taught and perceive it to be. Something beyond the individual, and much freer. Find Dunmada on SoundCloud or as @ThingsFoundMade on Twitter, /dunmadamusic on Facebook, and /thingsfoundandmade on Instagram.

Margo Taft Stever
From her compelling descriptions of sows attempting to comfort their piglets in the brutal factory farm to the dystopic vision of the slaughter of the last horses on earth, Stever depicts in GHOST MOOSE, Kattywompus Press, 2019, her most recent collection, an unvarnished view of the future humans wrought upon the earth. In “Lullaby,” the “torn wind knocks, rasps, reconciles” and she describes respite from the “screeching gale.” As Fred Marchant said of her poems, “The taut, unflinching lyricism of this work reminds us of the courage it takes to see our lives as they are.”

Edited and produced by April Gray Wilder and Mark Ari for Flock Literary Journal and Eat.
c.2108 by Flock Literary Journal and Eat for the artists.
Flock Literary Journal and Eat retain non-exclusive, universal rights to electronically sell, share, stream and distribute the tracks on this album.
All other rights remain the authors.


released December 31, 2018

Edited and produced by April Gray Wilder and Mark Ari for Flock Literary Journal and Eat.

c.2018 by Flock Literary Journal and Eat for the artists.

Flock Literary Journal and Eat retain non-exclusive, universal rights to electronically sell, share, stream and distribute the tracks on this album.
All other rights remain the authors.


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